What are your dreams worth?

In the words of Bronnie Ware (author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying), when people realize that their lives are almost over and look back on it clearly, it’s easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people never honor even half of their dreams and die knowing that it was due to choices they made (or did not make).

You can make a different choice.

Starting now.

The world is bigger than you can imagine and it’s yours for the exploring, if you dare. — The Daring Book for Girls

What we do

In a nutshell.


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Who do you want to be?
What’s stopping you?

We help you convert dreams into projects, projects into actions, actions into habits, and habits into a lifestyle.

The Program

The Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet Accountability Program is all about helping you live a life that’s true to you, accomplish big goals, and make big change. Project-focused and action-oriented, it gives you the structure to get things done.

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What do you need? Motivation? To overcome fear? To think bigger? To dream bigger? We’re covering it—all the topics to help you do the work, find personal success, and create a lifestyle by your own design. Read on. 🙂

The Vibe

Let’s be real.

We have to be honest with you—we’re not for everybody (and neither are you). One of the best quotes, in our opinion, comes from a book by Michael Port and goes something like this:

The greatest strategy for personal and business development on the planet is bold self-expression.

The biggest favor you can do yourself and others is to just be yourself and find your flock. 🙂 We’re going to go all eHarmony on you—here’s the vibe we aspire to and what we’re looking for in new clients.

  • Upbeat/Positive – 80%
  • Motivated / Proactive / A Doer – 85%
  • Imaginative / Open-Minded – 90%
  • Honest – 99%
  • Generous – 85%
  • Easy-Going/Low-Maintenance – 80%
  • Pleasant/Friendly – 90%

* Bonus points if you’re funny.

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