Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet (yes) offers inspiration and support to dreamers, doers (or aspiring ones), and creative pursuers. (We also help entrepreneurs and side hustlers.)

Specifically, we offer accountability programs and resources for overcoming fear, thinking big, and doing the work in order to build a life that’s true to YOU.

Here’s the full story.

What’s the point (the “Big Why”)?

In spite of fears and reservations (as well as circumstances, situations, missed opportunities, and the like), maybe you actually want to do something—make something, make something happen, live your dreams, effect change (be happy, be inspired, not conform, make a difference, not settle, etc.).

So, what’s the problem then?

Change is hard. Making things happen is hard. And then there’s the confusion over where to begin. The feelings of isolation and doubt (somehow mixed with hope). And wishing like crazy for support, encouragement, and a sounding board.

And can you imagine a group of hungry and motivated people who are just looking for a place to begin (and belong)?

*Sigh.* If only.

Actually, you can have all that right here. 🙂


Why us?

Reason #1

Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet. (Enough said?)

If this applies to you—and rings true—you’re in the right place. (If not, no hard feelings.)

We’re all about fear (and overcoming it) and making things happen, and in the words of Barbara Sher, author of Wishcraft, we believe that whatever your dreams are, you should start taking them very, very seriously. (Really, because you’ll only be on this planet a little while—why not take your dreams seriously?)

Reason #2

Refer to Reason #1.

So, what do you get at CSCTP (Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet)?

Well, that depends on why you’re here.

Option 1: Are you a tire-kicker?

(This is where you ask, “What’s a tire-kicker?”)

A tire-kicker is someone who:

  • Is just looking.
  • Has no intention of committing.
  • Wants to haggle. (Or wants a free lunch.)
  • Is only here to schmooze.
  • Will never make a decision.
  • Doesn’t know what he/she wants. (And doesn’t care to figure it out.)
  • Has a bazillion questions that can’t be answered here.
Yes, I'm a tire-kicker.

How can I say this tactfully? I think we should see other people. It’s not you—it’s me. This just isn’t going to work. (I’m running out of breakup lines.)

Note: There could theoretically, hypothetically be “good” tire-kickers out there who might just be new to the idea of conquering the planet. If you think this might be you, feel free to subscribe to our free newsletter to get a feel for the place and learn more about the operation.

No, I’m not a tire-kicker.

Good! Maybe we’re MFEO. (Made for each other. Sleepless in Seattle? No? Not into movie references? It’s okay, this could still work out between us. Read on.)

Option 2: Are you interested in conquering the planet, just not this very second? (But maybe within the next six months?)

Great! Subscribe to our free newsletter, and let’s get to know one another better. You’ll get free articles on topics from overcoming fear and self-sabotage, to thinking big and doing the work, lifestyle design, and more. We’re glad to have you as part of the flock. 🙂

Option 3: Are you ready to live a life that’s true to YOU? (And right this very second?)

Good, here’s what to do:

Sign up for our free newsletter. You’ll want to stay in the loop and get all the free articles on overcoming fear and self-sabotage, thinking big, doing the work, lifestyle design, etc. Definitely. Baby steps to conquering your fears.

Join the program. If you’re ready (in the words of Kool & the Gang—yes, we’re kids of the ’80s) to get your back up off the wall and start making things happen in your life and/or business, join the CSCTP Accountability Program. Time to take some action and karate chop your fears.

Get the latest books and guides. More of a do-it-yourselfer? Know about the Chicken Shit Guides? They’ll help you conquer the planet—on your own terms, at your own pace, and even on the weekends.

Is that everything?

That’s pretty much what we do here—hold feet to the fire, karate chop fears, conquer the planet. All in a day’s work.

We hope you’ll stick around. 🙂

Amber, Founder & Chief Chicken Shit
Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet