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The Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet Accountability Program is all about helping you live a life that’s true to you, accomplish big goals, and make big change. Project-focused and action-oriented, it gives you the structure to get things done.




Twice-monthly A&P calls

Twice per month, at your scheduled time, you and your accountability group (made up of three total partners and one call facilitator/coach) meet for a 2-hour Accountability and Planning (A&P) call to discuss your progress from the previous weeks, as well as any individual issues that might need to be addressed. (For example, you may need help brainstorming better ways to use social media in your business or how to increase productivity around writing your first book.) Note: We also offer one-on-one (1:1) A&P, for those who prefer a more private setting. Simply select the option that works for you.


Group mentoring and networking

By joining the CSCTP Accountability Program, you'll automatically become a full member of Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet, including access to the members-only community, where you can find support and a resource between A&P calls.


Daily email inspiration

Each morning, you’ll receive motivational emails to help you jump-start your day, maintain focus, and figure out how to get out of your own way and make things happen.


Fear-hacking content and archive

Get access to past content to help you wrestle with fear, blind spots, and sources of self-sabotage. You'll have access to all archived articles and audio throughout your membership in the program.


Up to two emergency one-on-one calls per year

Schedule a private, 30-minute call with an A&P coach/facilitator.


Periodic podcasts and guest interviews

Be the first to know about new audio content from Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet!


Special invitations to members-only challenges

A challenge is a short-term “sprint” to achieve a goal or establish a new habit (but at CSCTP, we like to take them on as a group). Sometimes challenges involve common issues from accountability calls (maybe everyone has been struggling with getting things done, for example, so we set up a 21-Day Productivity Challenge). Other times, challenges might be created to tackle more common problems (like de-cluttering or writing more consistently).


Early access and discounts on CSCTP products

We’re always up to something new! We’ll keep you in the loop and give you first dibs on new products, services, and programs to keep you on track with achieving your goals and conquering the planet (whatever planet it is for you).


Free eBook

The Chicken Shit's Guide to Conquering the Planet, a how-might manual for thinking big, working through fear, and doing the work to achieve a life by design, rather than default.

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How It Works

Here are the steps to enrolling in the program.

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During open enrollment, you can apply to join the CSCTP Accountability and Planning Program. Inclusion in the program is by invitation only, so you’ll need to (1) apply, (2) be invited to an entrance interview phone call, and (3) be invited into the program.

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Enroll and pay

If we have availability and you’re invited to enroll, we’ll send you the link to enroll in the program and submit payment. Note that spots are limited. If we’re currently not enrolling, you can be put on our waitlist for when new times open up.

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Schedule your call time

After enrollment, you’ll get access to the CSCTP calendar in order to set your call time. It generally falls within two weeks of enrollment.

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Check your email

Watch for your welcome email, and be sure to complete orientation steps, as well as the first assignment prior to your call.

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Attend the first call

Expect to dive right in. Your facilitator/coach will guide the call. Just have your first assignment ready, and you'll be all set!

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Get support along the way

Between calls, join the private, members-only community for group mentoring and networking to support you along your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions about the program.


What’s an accountability program?

The short version, according to Wikipedia: Accountability partners exchange commitments to help one another follow through. Here at CSCTP, you and your facilitator/coach (as well as your accountability partners, if you're in a group) meet by phone at a designated time and at scheduled intervals—our program is set up on a twice-monthly schedule at thirty (30) minutes per partner—to discuss goals and progress since your previous meeting, with the purpose of helping you set your intentions and follow through on commitments you’d like to keep for your life and/or business.

Is it like a mastermind?

Yes! Along with the members-only community, CSCTP is like your own personal advisory board. It’s an exclusive group of like-minded dreamers, doers*, creative pursuers (and entrepreneurs and side hustlers, too). With diverse perspectives, experience, and backgrounds, you get the wisdom of the group for guidance, strategy, and built-in networking.

*Or aspiring ones. :)

How will an accountability program help me?

One of the biggest benefits is the inspiration and encouragement you receive to nurture your life and business. Your accountability coach and/or partners provide a regular source of support and motivation to build a life that’s true to you.

Why do I have to apply?

We only want serious participants in the program. To become a partner, you’ll need to (1) apply, (2) be invited to an entrance interview phone call, and (3) be invited into the program (at which point you’ll be emailed the link to enroll and pay).

How long do I have to commit?

There are no long-term commitments. The program is offered month-to-month.

Is it easy to cancel?

Yes, but (important note) cancellation requires a full month’s notice. You may reach us by email at mail [at] chickenshitconquerstheplanet [dot] com or by web form on our contact page.

What’s your refund policy?

You may request a refund prior to your first scheduled A&P call or scheduled A&P call date. Once you attend an accountability call (or the first call date passes), we will no longer honor refund requests for the given month. There are no long-term commitments, however; the program is offered month-to-month.

Is it one-on-one or in a group?

Your choice. You can enroll for private or group accountability calls, and there are advantages (and disadvantages) to both. No matter which option you choose, there are two (2) calls per month. Private A&P calls involve you and your facilitator/coach and last thirty (30) minutes. They're focused on your goals exclusively and are often preferred by clients who value privacy and personal attention over the group setting. Group A&P calls involve you and two (2) other A&P partners, as well as the facilitator/coach, and last around two (2) hours (each client receives thirty minutes of individual time during each call). Group calls offer the feel of a true mastermind session and are great for clients who love brainstorming and networking (as well as a little friendly competition!).

Can I switch from one-on-one to group (or vice versa)?

Absolutely! But (one caveat), there has to be an available spot for you, whether individual or in a group. The smartest way to switch (without losing your current spot) is to notify us of your desire to move from individual to group (or vice versa), and we'll bump you to the top of the waitlist for the session of your choice. (Note: It's first-come, first-serve for ongoing clients, but we'll definitely put current clients at the top of the waitlist before making slots available to new clients.)


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