Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet

Mentoring + Networking

Community and support to achieve your dreams.

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Dreamers, doers, creative pursuers. All in one place.

Here's what's included:


Group Mentoring and Networking. Get access to the Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet members-only community for peer-to-peer mentoring and networking for dreamers, doers (or aspiring ones), and creative pursuers (as well as solopreneurs and side hustlers).


Daily Email Inspiration. Each morning, you’ll receive essays to help you jump-start your day, maintain focus, and figure out how to get out of your own way and make things happen.


Fear-Hacking Content and Archive. Get access to unique content to help you wrestle with fear, blind spots, and sources of self-sabotage. You'll have access to all archived articles and audio as long as you're a member.


Periodic Podcasts and Guest Interviews. Be the first to know about new audio content from Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet!


Special Invitations to Members-Only Challenges. A challenge is a short-term “sprint” to achieve a goal or establish a new habit (but at CSCTP, we like to take them on as a group). Sometimes challenges involve common issues from our client accountability calls. Other times, challenges might be created to tackle more common problems (like de-cluttering or writing more consistently).


Early Access and Discounts on CSCTP Products and Programs. We’re always up to something new! We’ll keep you in the loop and give you first dibs on new products, services, and programs to keep you on track with achieving your goals and conquering the planet (whatever planet it is for you).


Free eBook. Get your copy of The Chicken Shit's Guide to Conquering the Planet, a how-might manual for thinking big, working through fear, and doing the work to achieve a life by design, rather than default.



Membership is currently CLOSED, but you can still apply for when we open it back up to new members!


Why do I have to apply?

The short version

We only want serious chicken shits at CSCTP. (Are you serious? 🤨)

The long version

When I started CSCTP, I had three people (and personalities*) in mind:

  1. Me (an INFJ),

  2. My sister (an ESTJ), and

  3. My husband (an ENTP).

I saw that each of us had our own big plans (and our own big struggles). We were all ideal customers for Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet.

Or so I thought.

Over the weeks of building the site and programs, I had several conversations with each of them and realized that not every INFJ, ESTJ, or ENTP would be ready for CSCTP (a lot of acronyms for one sentence, I know).

Just one such conversation:


ME (to my husband): I need to set up onboarding emails that will be the most beneficial to new members. When you sign up for something, what emails do you find the most helpful and engaging?

HIM: I don’t really read the emails when I subscribe to something.

*Crickets and then*

ME: What do you mean you don’t really read the emails when you sign up for something? Why do you sign up? Don’t you want to get everything you can out of the program? Why join if you’re not going to even get started by following the emails and instructions?


(Note: He clarified later in the conversation that he doesn’t really read every email when he signs up for something, but the point was made in my mind.)

Curiosity and enrollment are two very different things.

I didn’t want this to be like an unused gym membership. I wanted it to work. I wanted members and A&P partners who were ready to make change, committed to making change, and who were ready to move forward and make things happen.

This wasn’t something I wanted you to buy in January and stop using in February (but continue to pay for). The CSCTP business model is not about taking your money (because you forgot you’re subscribed) and not providing value to you. It’s about getting results and eliciting change—real, tangible, life-altering change.

So, yeah. If you want to join, you have to be ready to play. It will cost you something (both in time and commitment and in money) so that you’re actually enrolled in this journey, and that’s what I want for every member of CSCTP.

So what does the enrollment process look like?

  1. You have to apply.

  2. If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll set up an entrance interview to talk with you about your story and plans in more detail.

  3. If we think you’re still a good fit, we’ll invite you to become a member.

  4. Finally, we’ll send you a link to join and pay.

That goes for everyone. Even husbands.

*Note: You can learn more about the different personalities at Personality Hacker.