Terms & Conditions

Updated: 12/07/2018

Here are the terms of the Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet (CSCTP) Accountability Program:

Membership Fee

You will be charged $99 per month for membership in the Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet Accountability Program. It is charged monthly, based on your enrollment date. You may end your membership at any time (there is no long-term contract), as outlined in our cancellation policy below.

Refund Policy

You may request a refund prior to your first scheduled A&P call (or scheduled A&P call date). Once you attend an accountability call (or the first call date passes), we will no longer honor refund requests for the given month. There are no long-term commitments, however; the program is offered month-to-month.


Cancellation requires a full month’s notice via email. You may reach us at mail@chickenshitconquerstheplanet.com or by web form.


As an active and enrolled CSCTP Accountability Program member, you will receive access to the following: (a) twice-monthly, hour-long A&P (Accountability and Planning) conference calls at your group’s designated time; (b) access to The Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet Short Course; (c) up to two (2) emergency one-on-one calls per year, which are scheduled and private, 30-minute calls with an A&P coach/facilitator; (d) access to members-only resources and perks, at the discretion of Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet, which are subject to change and may depend on availability.


You agree to receive email, phone, text, and any other communication related to your membership throughout the duration of your enrollment. You may unsubscribe to these communications at any time.


You agree to review our terms and conditions periodically throughout your membership and cancel your subscription at any time that you do not wish to adhere to our terms of service.