The Program

The Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet Accountability Program is all about helping you live a life that’s true to you, accomplish big goals, and make big change. Project-focused and action-oriented, it gives you the structure to get things done.

What’s Included

Twice-monthly A&P calls

Twice per month, at your scheduled time, you and your accountability group (made up of three total partners and one call facilitator/coach) meet for an hour-long Accountability and Planning (A&P) call to discuss your progress from the previous two weeks, as well as any individual issues that might need to be addressed. (For example, you may need help brainstorming better ways to use social media in your business or how to increase productivity around writing your first book.)

The 31-day CSCTP short course

The Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet Short Course focuses on overcoming fear and doing the work to build a life that’s true to you. Each week, you’ll receive essays and audio that help you jump-start your journey and figure out how to get out of your own way and start making things happen. (It’s like a souped-up version of the book, The Chicken Shit’s Guide to Conquering the Planet.)

A private, group-only message board

This is where you and your A&P partners meet for discussion and Q&A between calls.

Access to the CSCTP Slack community

For broader discussion and support on your journey.

Up to two (2) emergency one-on-one calls per year

Schedule a private, 30-minute call with an A&P coach/facilitator.

Access to members-only resources

Including shared notes from A&P Calls, audio, and checklists.

Special invitations to members-only challenges

A challenge is a short-term “sprint” to achieve a goal or establish a new habit—but taken on as a group. Sometimes it involves issues the entire group continues to bring up on A&P calls (for example, maybe everyone has been struggling with getting things done, so we set up a 21-Day Productivity Challenge). Other times, challenges might be created to tackle more common problems (like decluttering or writing more consistently).

Early access and discounts on CSCTP products and programs

We’re always up to something new! We’ll keep you in the loop and give you first dibs on new products, services, and programs to keep you on track with achieving your goals and conquering the planet (whatever planet it is for you).

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Slots Available

Sessions Open

Cost Per Month ($)

How It Works


Enroll in the next available CSCTP Accountability Program

Note that spots are limited. If we’re currently not enrolling, you can be put on our waitlist for when new times open up.


Attend the first A&P call

Calls do require your participation and engagement, but don’t worry, the call facilitator will guide you and the group throughout the call.


Check the schedule for your group’s first call

It generally falls within two weeks of enrollment. You should receive a welcome email that notes the time of your call.


Participate in group discussion between calls

Your accountability peer group has a private message board for discussion and Q&A between calls.


Watch for your welcome packet by email

Be sure to complete the first assignment prior to the call. (Note: The welcome packet includes instructions for dialing in.)


Rinse and repeat

Keep leveling up until you’re living your best life, a life that’s true to you. Stick with it for continued support, encouragement, and comeraderie throughout your journey.

Join the Program

Time to take some action and karate chop your fears.

Join the CSCTP Accountability Program.

Cost: $99/month

Enrollment is OPEN